Silver Street Owners' Stories

This page is devoted to all the Silver Street owners who have contacted me via this website. Your Silver Street stories belong here!

Check out the amazing creation below! This metal Silver Street Tribute Sign was created by Larry in Michigan. The inspiration came from Larry's brother Tim, a dedicated Silver Street fan and collector. Tim's Silver Streets can be seen on various pages of this website.

The Webmaster

I’m the webmaster for; the only online info source for Silver Street guitars. My interest in these instruments began almost two decades ago. I spotted an ad for a TAXI on Craigslist and it became my first Silver Street. I was impressed by its innovative design and the quality of its components and construction. As the years passed, I found additional Silver Streets and built a collection.  Most owners I met lamented the absence of an info source for these interesting guitars. As a result, in 2010, I created the first rudimentary website. In 2012, I designed the larger and better-organized site that exists today. Another redesign and expansion is planned for 2018. would not exist without the images, information and advice provided by former Silver Street Inc. employees and Silver Street owners in the USA, Australia and Argentina. I am grateful for all their help. Every Silver Street guitar has an interesting backstory!    Murray

The lovely Tommy Shaw, Cobra and MX trio above are from the estate of Ronald Delano “R.D.” Sisk of Chesapeake, Virginia (1956-2017). Originally from Texas, R.D. worked for 42 years as an electrician, musician and sound engineer.  He had a passion for music and was known throughout the music industry as one of the best sound engineers in the business. The story of RD's acquisition of these Silver Streets is unknown. Thanks to Alpha Music in Virginia Beach for facilitating the relocation of these instruments. The trio is now with Tim, an appreciative Silver Street collector in Michigan.